The Law of the Land

It’s afternoon, and everyone’s asleep. Meehan’s on the punk rock chair, Wolfy’s on the couch, Tubby’s probably under the bed, and Lola is on the little orange rug under my studio chair. Why am I home to see all this? Well, this brings me to my great news! I lost my job!! It’s a long, gruesome story, but suffice it to say that in the two weeks since, I have cobbled together an income of babysitting, temping, and unemployment benefits, I’m doing quite well, and I now have oodles, literally oodles, of time to work on comics. And I’m going to keep it this way for a while.

It’s funny, this was actually my plan for “when we move somewhere cheaper,” but I guess it was time. And as it happens, I’m getting paid amounts for babysitting that would be unheard of in cheaper locales, just by virtue of living where I live.

It was a surprise, and a nasty shock to lose a job that I really did enjoy, but it is definitely better for everyone that I no longer work for the person I was working for. You’re not supposed to say this when you lose a job, because you sound like a bitter person who is covering up their own culpability, but all the experts agree, she was a bitch. Really, I have told people things about her that have made them swear—NICE people. So, you know I am not lying.

Anyway, back to drawing now—I’m laying things down fast.
Next up: photos of my new studio*!!


One thought on “The Law of the Land

  1. hey there ya lousy bum! quit taking my tax dollars and get a job!lousy bum.=)So when are we writing a graphic novel? I think my screenplay may work well as one.

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