Someday when I’m not broke, I’ll kiss my boys goodbye

One thing I love about my new gigs—drawing and babysitting—is that I get to sing all day long. I know that makes me sound like a total kook. But singing really makes me feel good—I mean physically, mentally, everything. Something about the breath control. But also I grew up singing all the damn time, I was in choir all through school, and I sang at home too.

So now I sing to the babies I take care of, and they love it. It’s like there’s something magical about it to them—they just stop whatever they’re doing and watch you. One of them sometimes touches my mouth, like he’s trying to figure out how that sound is coming out. And in the studio, I like to listen to cd’s I can sing along to. It helps me focus and keeps me from getting restless.

Some of the albums I work to:
Frida Hyvonen, “Until Death Comes.” This one is lovely and there’s lots of harmony so it’s pretty to sing to. I listen to this one at least once a day.
Regina Spektor, “Begin to Hope.” I just love her.
Joanna Newsom, “The Milk-Eyed Mender.” This one really had to grow on me. Her voice is so weird and squeaky. I really think I heard the album about 20 times before I actually liked it.
Sleater-Kinney, “The Woods.” Now I have a lot of S-K albums and I think this is the BEST ONE. Seriously. They have a sound in here that is unprecedented. Corin Tucker sounds like she ripped off all her clothes and is bleeding in the street.
Lily Allen, “Alright Still.” This dame deserves a standing ovation!!
Guns N Roses. DUH.

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