Bad Girls Go Everywhere, or NEW BOOKS

–It’s official: I have a new book! I know because I just stapled two of them together, and they are sitting right beside me here on the couch*. Remember Florrid? Meet Florridian.

In this issue, you get some more thrilling glimpses into my private life and deep-seated traumas, AND you meet the two happeninest gals in Jelly City: Parrot Cake and her friend, Peach Janet. Lots of fun and boob jokes to follow. Finally.. we wrap it all up with a visit to the ranch.

–Also, my comics workshop group is putting out an anthology. I’ll get more info up about that once it’s back from the printer. But I can tell you that it features comics by the following awesome people:
-S. Mitchell
-Catie Nienaber
-Christine Choi
-Ben Costa
-Matthew Jent
-Cayler Bollis
-Alison Wong
-and me!


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