Wondercon Recap

Wondercon was WONDERful. Melaina and I had the prettiest table in the world. Stormtroopers were everywhere, and I bought three Doctor Who action figures. What a great weekend.

–Meeting new people. Molly Hahn, Miriam Libicki and Mike, Josh Ellingson, Kraig Rasmussen, and a bunch of others, but those are the ones that stand out.
–Meeting Terry Moore for like, the fifth time. I KNOWW it’s cheesy but I can hardly even talk about how much I love that guy’s work. Strangers in Paradise made me realize that I had a place in comics.
I’ve been giving him my comics since I started making them. I still just glow inside when I remember showing him my first one—he looked through it, then looked delighted and said “this has a very readable quality!” Sighh. I will never forget that. This time, I gave him my newest book, in which I veered pretty directly into my personal life and some dark stuff. He asked me to sign it and draw him a picture of World War II. I drew a little POW symbol and wrote “WWI! Yeow!” He seemed to like that.
–Trina Robbins loved my outfit so much that she pointed it out to the whole room when I walked into her Lil’ Abner panel. “Now look at that cute dress, and the shoes! I just love it.” Everyone turned to look. I was completely thrown. It took me a couple of beats to get my words moving and stammer a thank you. She kept going. “That’s one of the things I love about these conventions, getting to see what the young women are wearing.” Her co-speaker asked “Do you color-coordinate your outfits with your tattoos?” Everyone is still staring, mind you. I said something like “uh, no, they’re too many different colors..” Then sat down and had my mind blown by Robbins’ talk on Wolf Gal, Hawk Girl, Pig Girl, and the other feral women of Lil Abner. I want to eat people like Wolf Gal.
–No more we. No more us. That’s a sad highlight.

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