I’m back in the studio.
I realized today it’s been just over two months since I’ve touched it. That was the night I sat down at my table and realized my relationship was over—attempts were made after that, of course, to “fix things,” but it was finished—my heart, and the Beck cd I was listening to at the time, told me so.

I have DRAWN since then. Sure. But not in the studio. For one thing, my chair was heaped with ex-boyfriend move-out craziness—for another, I would step in and remember just countless hours of working on a collaboration… and the cold realization that it wasn’t enough to hold onto.

Bear with a girl while she has another sip of cabernet.

Anyway, tonight I threw all the crap off my little chair and put my butt back in it. I turned on the old music and sang along to it. It’s good to be back.

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