San Diego 2008 Recap

Comicon delivered. Swarms of nutjobs in costumes. Heavy dudes with ponytails. Swanky condos in the sky. Beer and bars. Fancy tiki drinks. Good, GOOD friends. Thank you San Diego Comicon for being the kooky little universe I’d like to inhabit every day.

Visuals first:

From the Tori Amos panel.

That would be Star St. Germaine.

Mike Yoshioko and Miriam Libicki. (Hey Mike! your last name!!)

Hugging giant donuts with mollycules.

Molly’s Huevos

I couldn’t get his face right. I was really hung over, ok.

And now the highlights:
–The fake Field’s, followed by the real Field’s, and good old Irish beer.
–Solo day at the beach. Warm sun, my cute bathing suit, surfers, parasailers, giant new sunglasses, reading, the German boys who laughed like crazy at the seagull shit on their towels, no one to talk to for hours. Brilliant.
Corey Feldman’s personal assistant came over to me and Molly at the table and attempted to impress us with his fame. I respond with wide-eyed oohing and aahing, which he totally buys. He tells us Corey Feldman is a whiny dork in orthopedic lifts.
–Two times I had the floor in front of me cleared by security personnel, which of course means someone totally famous is coming. First time: Doogie Howser (aka Dr. Horrible). Second time: Samuel L. Jackson. Oooh!!
–Greek yogurt and granola.
–Little girls squealing over mollycules’ art, then being utterly shocked and obviously impressed at the one of Peaches giving the finger. Their daddy bought them each a postcard.
–Mike and Miriam‘s how-we-met story. Sigh.
Garrett Dillahunt came by the table and I said “hey! I saw your shows! how ya doin’?” We chatted about Deadwood, how this was his first Comicon, etc. Then, I asked him if he still lived in the Bay Area. He got a really nervous look on his face and said “no.”
–Ordering a horny monkey. Ook!
–Drawing next to Keith Knight at the Cartoon Art Museum table and trying to get the fat fanboy in front of us to pose like the sexy manga character he wanted drawn.
–The beautiful Tori Amos panel that I thought would be cheesy but had me almost in tears.
–The weird look Elvira gave me when I asked her to sign a photo “Thanks for letting Amy stay with you!” She did it.
–Running into Dirk Tiede, a friend I used to draw with in Chicago. Getting misty-eyed. “Remember when I first met you and I was doing my first ever page layouts?”
–The beautiful Hyatt.
–Miriam’s goodbye hug.
–Brunch with Tristan. The Bill story. Blueberry french toast.

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