Lovely Reception

The opening reception for my art show is tomorrow afternoon. Sunday, August 24, 12-5. I’ll be there in my pretty pink party dress and if you’re VERY lucky, I’ll have time to make my world famous chocolate chip cookies tonight, and if you’re very VERY lucky I will share!

The Compound Gallery
6604 San Pablo Avenue in Oakland

HOW TO GET THERE: I recommend one of three ways.
1) Take BART to Ashby. You can walk from there; head west on Woolsey, which turns into 65th, all the way over to San Pablo—it’s just under a mile. If your little legs are too tired for that, there’s a cab stand at Ashby BART station.
2) Take BART to 19th St. Oakland. Get on the 72 bus heading north. Get off at San Pablo and 65th.
3) Take BART to Macarthur. Get on the Emery-Go-Round, the BART shopper route (it’s the only one that runs on Sundays). Take it to 65th and Powell. Walk east on 65th about six blocks to San Pablo. This is the cheapest option as the Emery-Go-Round is free, although it doesn’t run that often on Sundays.

See! That wasn’t so bad!
Smell ya there!


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