APE Escape

God, it feels like forever since I started talking about moving. But now, it’s been two months and I’m snuggled up in my tiny apartment that finally feels more cozy than tiny. Kitties are purring. It’s all really a lovely fucking tableau. And according to the weather report it will finally start to get chilly this week.

Yes! I will be wo-manning a table at San Francisco’s favorite show, APE (Alternative Press Expo). You can find me at table 273B, and you will also find…
…my two brand-new books….

I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.
But, of course you will.

Come see me! I hug.


Everyone Must Breathe


A 44-page album of funnies starring three brassy, assy, cah-LASSy ladies.
It’s finished and on its way to the printers tonight. Release date: Nov. 1 2008.

..and Florride is not far behind…

One thing I’ve inherited. I am no longer able to sit still. One of the blessings, I suppose, of having spent my last five years in two relationships, both of whom with people who encouraged, praised, and when necessary GOADED me into gettin’ art done. I really relied on someone (ie, a boyfriend/girlfriend) pushing me for motivation for a long time. And now, I get it. I don’t need to be pushed anymore. I push myself.
I feel like I cracked a code or something.

The down side is, I literally cannot do nothing anymore. If I’m sitting on the bus, I think “I should be writing.” Waiting for a friend in a bar I feel I should be drawing in my sketchbook. Lunch breaks have turned into me wolfing something while wringing out any available drawing time. I bring my materials with me everywhere. I am never content to be sitting still when I could be working.

It’s a good thing, really. Kind of a curse, but a beneficial one.
Thanks M. and J.

Tomorrow I am off to Vegas for my birthday with my oldest, dearest friends. And that’s saying something, dear friends. Per the paragraph above, I will be editing in Photoshop on the plane.

The VP debates are tonight and my panties are pingin’. I love this election.