Everyone Must Breathe


A 44-page album of funnies starring three brassy, assy, cah-LASSy ladies.
It’s finished and on its way to the printers tonight. Release date: Nov. 1 2008.

..and Florride is not far behind…

One thing I’ve inherited. I am no longer able to sit still. One of the blessings, I suppose, of having spent my last five years in two relationships, both of whom with people who encouraged, praised, and when necessary GOADED me into gettin’ art done. I really relied on someone (ie, a boyfriend/girlfriend) pushing me for motivation for a long time. And now, I get it. I don’t need to be pushed anymore. I push myself.
I feel like I cracked a code or something.

The down side is, I literally cannot do nothing anymore. If I’m sitting on the bus, I think “I should be writing.” Waiting for a friend in a bar I feel I should be drawing in my sketchbook. Lunch breaks have turned into me wolfing something while wringing out any available drawing time. I bring my materials with me everywhere. I am never content to be sitting still when I could be working.

It’s a good thing, really. Kind of a curse, but a beneficial one.
Thanks M. and J.

Tomorrow I am off to Vegas for my birthday with my oldest, dearest friends. And that’s saying something, dear friends. Per the paragraph above, I will be editing in Photoshop on the plane.

The VP debates are tonight and my panties are pingin’. I love this election.


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