Happy Thanksgiving!

This year, I am thankful for comics.  I’m thankful for the many people I’ve met and talked to about making them, and I’m SO ridiculously thankful for all the people who’ve given me encouragement, read my books, drawn with me in cute little cafes (cough cough Starbucks), talked to me on the phone while drawing, told me they liked what I’m doing.  I’m thankful to the former love who steered me in this direction.  I’m thankful for the talents and creativity I’ve been given, which have allowed me to live a life so amazing that I wonder aloud to friends, “who gets this?  how can this be real?”

I’m thankful for my sisters, Katie, Audrey, and Sydney, and my brother Dustin.  I’m thankful for my nephews, Tyler and brand-new baby Dylan, who I’m hoping to see this coming year.  I thank my mother.  I’m equally thankful for my upbringing and for the chance I’ve had to create my life anew.

I’m thankful for coffee.  And baking.  And San Francisco.

Ok, as I am starting to sound like Our Town,  I’ll finish up and treat you all to a sampling from my sketchbook.  I’ve been writing since APE, so there are very few visuals going on these days, but I stuck ’em all in here for ya. 

Have a lovely Thanksgiving!!

So nice


It’s beautiful out!  75 degrees in San Francisco today.  And Thanksgiving is in two weeks!! Yeesh!

Also sunny and beautiful is my path in the comics world.  Responses have been really good to the two newest books, and the work is smoother and more fun than ever, which makes me think I am on the right track.  I have two new books in the works, and I have at least rough outlines done for both, and some of the writing done as well.  When I think about goal setting, I think that I would like to have both done by the beginning of next summer, plus the collected “Florrid” cycle.  This means I will have to save my pennies.

Above is a sketch from my doodling on new project #1; I have drawn a few pages, but I’m not totally satisfied with them, so I am chalking them up to sketches/studies and will re-draw them.

* * * * * * * *

So I’ve been sick all week, and I haven’t felt *that* bad, except that I completely, totally lost my voice.  That has never happened to me before!  And it’s taking so damn long to come back.  I’m used to feeling sick, sleeping a day, back to work the next.  This week I’ve been home sick every day, because my job requires me to talk (and sing, etc) all day long and I can’t do it.  So I’m just settin’ here knitting, doodling, cleaning over and over, fucking around on the internet.  The Horribles are tired of me, and I of them. 

The worst thing is, it’s like social isolation.  I can’t work.  I can’t talk on the phone.  I can’t hang out and get drinks.  I can’t go to therapy.  And try going to a party where you only know one person when you can’t talk!  You are the biggest wallflower on earth, and also kind of a jerk.  I only stayed about half an hour, and I got all dressed up too.  Maaan. 

Also, I hate tea.

It’s been rough.


* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Much as I support the overturning of Prop. 8, I would like to see a real revolution in society where we are valued and given benefits as individuals, rather than in partnerships historically based on merging property.  When we can love whoever we want, why is marriage so goddamn important?  Because there is power given to us when we join assets in legal contract.  Why can’t we share insurance benefits with any one person we choose, whether they are our lover, our sister, or the neighbor who doesn’t have any?  Why do my friend and her Australian husband have to prove that they are In Love for him to stay in the country?  Why do we continue to obfuscate love and legislation?  What does love and the bonding and touching of souls have to do with law?  We will win marriage equality for queer people in our lifetime, I am geniunely sure.  But that still leaves out polyamorous family units.  Elderly folks whose true loves have passed away.  Best friends who don’t happen to want to have sex with each other.  People who find their strongest family bond through something other than a single, solitary other person who reciprocates their feelings exactly. 

Or maybe I am just a bitter, dried up, croaky-voiced spinster who’s spent way too much time with her cats this week.


Dappled and Drowsy and Ready to Sleep

The weekend after APE turns out to be my first completely relaxing one in ages.  “No deeds to do, no promises to keep.”  Just hangin’ out in my cozy new place, drinking with friends, sleeping in with kitties, eating cereal.  Started knitting some socks.  Ahhh.


So APE was a ton of fun.  My table buddy, Scott, turned out to be quite lovely, just the ideal partner, providing me with tons of bathroom breaks and baby talk (I mean, we talked ABOUT babies, not baby-talked to each other, ya perv).  His book is called, funnily enough, SINGLE.  We had the SINGLE table.  We memorized each other’s pitches (not voluntarily).  Good fun.


I got to spend a lot of time with my girl Molly.  Molly lives in Santa Barbara and is just ridiculously special.  Her comics are a world unto themselves.  So is her laugh.


Miriam Libicki and Mike Yoshioka, married superstars, are rapidly becoming two of my favorite people.  Miriam just published her first TPB of her comic Jobnik!  I read the thing in its single issue format, and I still can’t believe how good the trade turned out.  Also, she wore a pot on her head to the Last Gasp party.


There are so many great people in the comics industry.  Sunday night at the Isotope after party, I got to see Dame Darcy sing an old english ballad from the upper level in half-darkness with only tambourine to guide her.  It was so quiet in there… such a beautiful moment.


Best of all (for me, natch), I got to debut Florride and The Single Girls.  Bittersweet, it was.  I am retiring  the double-R Florrid cycle, and Florride is the last in that series.  And Florridian sold out!  But not to worry: next year I will be publishing all three together in one volume, so set aside a little of yer Christmas money for that.  The Single Girls, ahh, I just love it.  It was so much fun to write, draw, everything.  I felt so proud putting all my books out on display, and other people seemed to like ’em too!  Here’s what my table looked like:


How can pink *not* make you happy?  I ask.


Every other goddamn picture of my weekend can be seen here.


Now that that’s over, I have updated my Etsy store and you will now find Florride and The Single Girls for sale there, yeehaw!!


* * * * * * *


Thanks to everyone who voted the way I asked.  Now we have a new President, and I am just tickled to death.  I am a little bit in love, seriously.  Fuck this “Elect” shit.  He is my President.  He will probably always, in some way, be a little bit my President.

You know how they say when you fall in love, every corny, cheesy song on the radio suddenly sounds like pure genius to you?  That’s happening to me now with patriotic songs.  I honest to god got choked up listening to “America the Beautiful” on the radio yesterday.  Tears.


I also want to say, in regards to my other work: if you live near a library, and you go to it, and you are comfortable with things of this nature, please give your librarian a hug because they probably need it.


That’s it angel pies.  Putting my sore throat to bed now.  Night!