Happy Thanksgiving!

This year, I am thankful for comics.  I’m thankful for the many people I’ve met and talked to about making them, and I’m SO ridiculously thankful for all the people who’ve given me encouragement, read my books, drawn with me in cute little cafes (cough cough Starbucks), talked to me on the phone while drawing, told me they liked what I’m doing.  I’m thankful to the former love who steered me in this direction.  I’m thankful for the talents and creativity I’ve been given, which have allowed me to live a life so amazing that I wonder aloud to friends, “who gets this?  how can this be real?”

I’m thankful for my sisters, Katie, Audrey, and Sydney, and my brother Dustin.  I’m thankful for my nephews, Tyler and brand-new baby Dylan, who I’m hoping to see this coming year.  I thank my mother.  I’m equally thankful for my upbringing and for the chance I’ve had to create my life anew.

I’m thankful for coffee.  And baking.  And San Francisco.

Ok, as I am starting to sound like Our Town,  I’ll finish up and treat you all to a sampling from my sketchbook.  I’ve been writing since APE, so there are very few visuals going on these days, but I stuck ’em all in here for ya. 

Have a lovely Thanksgiving!!

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