Christmas Eve on Bush Street


Heh heh heh.  I couldn’t decide which one I liked better, so you all get *two* Christmas comics.  Joy-to-the-fuckin’-world!

I’m feeling Christmas recap-ish.  Maybe it’s because I am sitting in my tiny warm apartment on Christmas Eve, in the company of no one but the Horribles.  (And they are ass company, they’re all sleeping!)  I’m alone, but my sister-from-another-mister Terry’s flight is due to arrive in three hours, and then we have some cookies to decorate.  I want to go to Christmas Eve Mass at Grace Cathedral, but it says to get there two hours early to be sure of a seat, and two hours early is too much religion for me.  So it will be frozen pizza and icey-coolies* for us.  Maybe some crafting?

This has been the hardest year of my life, bar none.  The absolute hardest.  It has also been one of the most transformative.  I look back on 2003 as a year that changed me enormously, and 2008 it seems will mark another sea change.  There has been a lot of tears, but there’s also been incredible strength, beautiful colors, amazing friends new and old.  A new job that, thanks to the frowny-face economy, is way stressful, but came with the raddest set of colleagues EVER.  Singledom, which is lonely at times, but has turned my head back to my own path, and gives me plenty of quiet time to sit and contemplate.  Really, you would be amazed to know exactly how much time I spend just sitting and staring.  That is not a joke.

Struggle, challenge, weight loss.  Weight gain.  Sickness, but mostly health.  Rock climbing.  Road trips.  The beach in San Diego.  Comics comics comics comics comics.  Kids.  The Compound.  Books and moving and decorating and bus riding and booty shaking.  My first public striptease, alongside the realization that I now wholeheartedly agree with my best friend’s decision to not live with her boyfriend before marriage.  Am I getting more or less conservative as I age?  I can’t tell.


Merry Christmas, everyone.  Thank you all for reading comics.  If you are a creepy dude, please go away and stop reading my stuff.  If you are a feminist, a lover of San Francisco, a Midwesterner at heart, a friend, a seeker of life truths, and everything else lovely, you can stay.  If you are the scary asshole who harrassed me in the hallway of my apartment building this morning, and you do in fact live in the building, please note that I have a plan for how to deal with you now and it involves harrassing your ass right back, and kicking it, if absolutely necessary.  You are old, and I am young.

Merry, Merry Christmas.  I love Christmas!  I’ll be loving it with Jewish people tomorrow.



*My friend Catie’s boyfriend’s ridiculously cute and fitting word for hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps.

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