She Flu Away

Remember last year when I got the flu in January?  Well sheeit, I GOT THE FLU AGAIN!!  I ask you people, what the hell.  What the eff.  I really never get sick.  Last year it was because a baby puked on me, this year, I dunno, were we just being cute?

Anyway, here’s my updates.  I’ve got 18 and a half pages of rough pencils on Nanny Girl, chapter one.  Two long Bachelor Girl scripts completed.  I’m sore but slugging away!

Also, I will be at WONDERCON in San Francisco in about a month, and I’ll have a new book!  It will be a preview edition of both NG and BG.  Just you wait.  Mwuaa ha. I’m at table 83 in Artists’ Alley.

Off to dream of the flu shot I will undoubtedly be getting next year.  Cause, this shit is too much.

Kiss kiss!

2009 Already

Wow, those effin’ holidays are finally over.  It has only been 2009 for eighteen hours and it has already been a WAY better year than 2008!  Yowza!

This year, I’ll be working on two big-ass projects.  (Continuing to work, that is, I’ve already been working on them for two months.)  Two full-length books.  I would love to finish at least one of them, but gosh, we’ll just see how it goes, okay?  They’re gonna be super good. I can tell you that. 

Project #1 is BACHELOR GIRL.  This one picks up where THE SINGLE GIRLS left off.  But this time, there’s just *one* single girl, on her own.  Never fear, she’s not one to whine.  She’ll be lighting up her big cigar and escorting you through several tales of adventure, along with a smattering of the raunchy girl-humor gag panels you’ve come to know and love.

Project #2 is NANNY GIRL.  Soo, what happens when a sexy, boozy dame like Bachelor Girl gets a baby dumped in her lap?  Especially is it’s Nicky-Babe, a particularly whiny little snot.  Can she care for an infant without getting arrested?  Can she keep him alive?  Does she want to?  Watch for this tale, largely based on my own experience as a nanny in San Francisco to come out in installments starting this spring.

Me and Bachelor Girl are waving you off into the New Year.  Please try to make it your best one yet.  I think it may be mine.