She Flu Away

Remember last year when I got the flu in January?  Well sheeit, I GOT THE FLU AGAIN!!  I ask you people, what the hell.  What the eff.  I really never get sick.  Last year it was because a baby puked on me, this year, I dunno, were we just being cute?

Anyway, here’s my updates.  I’ve got 18 and a half pages of rough pencils on Nanny Girl, chapter one.  Two long Bachelor Girl scripts completed.  I’m sore but slugging away!

Also, I will be at WONDERCON in San Francisco in about a month, and I’ll have a new book!  It will be a preview edition of both NG and BG.  Just you wait.  Mwuaa ha. I’m at table 83 in Artists’ Alley.

Off to dream of the flu shot I will undoubtedly be getting next year.  Cause, this shit is too much.

Kiss kiss!

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