This Week: FLUKE

No, not me. The show!  I’ll be heading south this week to visit a dear friend, and will be participating in the FLUKE Mini-Comics Fest as part of the deal.  The destination?

Athens, Georgia!!

I have never been here and I am so excited.

FLUKE takes place on Saturday, April 4, at Tasty World in Athens.  Goes 11am-6pm and costs $5 to get in.  One of the show’s organizers tells me it will be “just a bunch of nerds in a bar.”  Add one leering dark-haired girl who sneaks in a scratch whenever she thinks no one’s looking and you’ve just about got it.  My friend Jeanette will also be there, but that’s about twenty other stories.

In other news, I spent the whole weekend inking and scanning, and I have an almost-complete Bachelor Girl story and a crippling feeling of isolation to show for it.  And then on NPR when I got back from my walk this afternoon, they were actually interviewing a guy about the psychological effects of isolation as a form of torture. As I listened to this man who had been imprisoned in isolation for over thirty years, my eyes welled up with tears, for myself. 

To bed, and Human Diastrophism (I am hacking away at it).


A Few Cheap Shots

Gah.  What’s going on.  Hmm…  my Cocoon Year progresses.  No real drama so far.  Let’s just hope I can hang onto employment.  Listening to lots of anti-folk and old stuff.  Got an Andrews Sisters song on repeat now.  House remains cozy.  Cats sleep next to my head.

In about two weeks I’ll be in Athens, GA for the FLUKE Mini-Comics Fest.  Wild!!  So if you live in the South and you want to meet a bitch… please.



The Wonder of it all

WonderCon, what a surprise!  I started the weekend figuring I wouldn’t sell a ton, but it’d be fun; veered into feeling bummed and disconnected; then picked up, had some friend time, a good sandwich, and ended up having my best-selling show yet.  I SOLD OUT, but am re-printing, both The Bachelor and The Nanny and The Single Girls. Big big thanks to everyone who stopped by, bought books, chatted, watched my table so I could pee, all that!

I spent some time digging through the old boxes this weekend.  I can’t believe how fun it was!  I found all these old girly comics.  Wolfy likes them too:


I did something new this weekend.  I have never felt entirely comfortable with people taking my picture at my table.  But then, I’d feel stingy for saying no—people like their pictures!  This time, I compromised: if someone asked me, “can I take your picture?”, I’d say, “sure, if I can take yours!”  Some grinned, some blanched, none refused.  So, without further ado, I give you: