This Week: FLUKE

No, not me. The show!  I’ll be heading south this week to visit a dear friend, and will be participating in the FLUKE Mini-Comics Fest as part of the deal.  The destination?

Athens, Georgia!!

I have never been here and I am so excited.

FLUKE takes place on Saturday, April 4, at Tasty World in Athens.  Goes 11am-6pm and costs $5 to get in.  One of the show’s organizers tells me it will be “just a bunch of nerds in a bar.”  Add one leering dark-haired girl who sneaks in a scratch whenever she thinks no one’s looking and you’ve just about got it.  My friend Jeanette will also be there, but that’s about twenty other stories.

In other news, I spent the whole weekend inking and scanning, and I have an almost-complete Bachelor Girl story and a crippling feeling of isolation to show for it.  And then on NPR when I got back from my walk this afternoon, they were actually interviewing a guy about the psychological effects of isolation as a form of torture. As I listened to this man who had been imprisoned in isolation for over thirty years, my eyes welled up with tears, for myself. 

To bed, and Human Diastrophism (I am hacking away at it).


One thought on “This Week: FLUKE

  1. this for some reason reminds me of peter bagge…? even though it is really very different. i don’t know ::shrug::i love your comics, and now that i have a j-o-b i will be purchasing soon!-geekychic (from the yellow place)

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