In which I blog the thing I put on Facebook (I know it’s kind of cheating, but listen anyway)

Patients Remember Dr. Tiller

Women facing difficult choices have so many people screaming at them about the right thing to do, and so few quietly supporting and safely assisting them. I’m appalled at this person’s murder and heartsick over the dearth of safe medical options this will create for women who choose abortion in the Midwest and Southeast.

I had a BAD gynecologist once. Bad enough that I yanked my paper robe shut and said “we are done here.” I was shaking. I made it to the elevator before I broke down and bawled. And the only reason I even felt I COULD do that was that I lived in Chicago, and finding another gynecologist was a matter of calling my medical group and asking.

What if I had had no other option. What if he was the only gynecologist for hundreds of miles who would perform the service I wanted. One of the common experiences of women is the incredible range of emotions we go into when we allow another person access to our ladybits; these people come down to our lovers, and our doctors. Finding a doctor you trust with your vulva, vagina, uterus and everything in between is so hard and such a tremendous relief.

Reading those women’s comments about the doctor they trusted makes my heart ache. This was not just the loss of a human being, it was the destruction of an object of trust, comfort, safety.

I am aching for those women who won’t have that person to trust with their bodies anymore. And for those women–and there will be some–who will no longer dare to seek the abortion they need for fear of violence. I’m so sorry for all involved.

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