America the Beautiful

Hey, guess who got the flu again. On the Fourth of July. While staying in a hostel in Santa Cruz. By herself. How very unpatriotic.  This is me, after getting picked up by friends, taking a nap in the back of Steven’s car, which felt better than anything ever.

But the fireworks were something else!  From a cliff over the beach in Santa Cruz we watched them going off for hours.  Most of them from about five feet behind us.  Awesome.


Anyway, now I’m home, healthy (mostly), and penciling a new Bachelor Girl story that should be available for SF Zinefest.  Oh yeah, my next appearance will be at SF Zinefest.  August 22 and 23 at the Conservatory Building in Golden Gate Park.  Come one, come all.

Here’s some cool news!!  My first anthology!  I have a comic in the upcoming Not My Small Diary #15, due out this summer.  Watch for it!  I’ll post when it’s available.

I tried to scan some of my pencils.  Turns out I pencil really incredibly light.  Nothing showed up no matter what I did.  So instead, I scanned some pages from my sketchbook for y’all:

Backstage at the Uptown

Palace of Fine Arts; Bat ladyMy friend Catie watches bats

An old one: watching Jax study, at Muddy’sIf you wanna see what it looks like when I’m working on a long story………. here ya go:

Also, I been painting!  Here’s painting space no. 1:

And no. 2:

Want to see my favorite dinner?

Stir fried broccoli, garlic and cashews with soy sauce and honey, and brown rice!Oh, and here’s what I’m knitting:

Kitty catsLet’s see, what else can I show you?
How about my cat and my starry knee socks?

Rather patriotic of me after all, no?


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