SF Zinefest 2009

….was awesome! 

Photo by Gary Lake

(MariNaomi, me, and Melaina)

So I didn’t get away from my table EVEN ONCE, to walk around, so I brought home almost nothing.  A shame, because there was some really great stuff this year.  And everyone seemed so *happy.*  It was cloudy and chilly out, but inside! art! comics! staples! cupcakes! bathrooms! friends! etc!  I talked to a lot of cool people.

Photo by Josh Ellingson

Next up:  APE 2009.  October 17 and 18 at the Concourse in San Francisco. 

For now:  enjoy, buy, wrap yourself in the NEW BOOK I sold at Zinefest: Bachelor Girl, Issue 1!!

Buy it, that’s what!!

* * * *

Other news:
Did I mention I moved?  Again?  Well, I did.  To a WAY better place.  It’s a gas.  So much more room for all my drawing shit, and painting. 
Okay, falling asleep.  Watch for more sketchbook lovelies coming soon, like as soon as I get my scanner back from my neighbor.


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