Vanity! Vanity! Vanity!

At this summer’s San Francisco Zinefest, I had the great privilege of introducing a purchaser of The Single Girls to one of the ladies who adorned its cover.  “The blonde one” owes her good looks to my great friend Cuffington, aka Catie N., San Francisco lady and fashionista extraordinaire.  Catie blogs almost daily, which makes Cuffington the perfect site to check over your morning coffee.  What is she wearing today?  What bizarre tidbit of haute couture is catching her eye?  Have a quick click, and she’ll be sure to tell you.

This weekend, I helped Catie out with a Big Project (yet unrevealed), which entailed me modeling, her styling and shooting.  Photos.  Just to clarify, she did not shoot me.  But she did take some awesome pictures of yours truly.  Have a look, and go be ridiculously inspired by her website.

Still waiting breathlessly for my APE recap?  Wait a little longer.  I am breathless with a tenacious cold and mild asthma, which means I fall asleep promptly at five every night.  Soon, baboon.

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