Hot Dog, What a Slap!

Did you know there was a movie based on the 1964 bestseller Sex and the Single Girl?  Not a good one, but entertaining nonetheless.  Natalie Wood plays Helen Gurley Brown.  Tony Curtis plays—wait for it, Mad Men fans—the smut-rag reporter who wrote a tell-all piece (haha, I just typed “tell-ass”) on HGB for Stop magazine, and now is going on assignment to find out whether HGB “does” or “doesn’t.”  Yes folks, an entire movie whose plot is determining whether this particular lady is a virgin.   Oh, not the entire plot.  There is a side plot in which Lauren Bacall accuses her poor, long-suffering husband, who only looks at other ladies’ legs because he is a NYLON SALESMAN, and he is obsessed with all the different materials, really, honest, of cheating on her.  There are some crazy ups and downs, no clothes ever come off, a scientist dances really hilariously, secretaries file Tony Curtis’s nails and nibble his earlobe while he’s on the phone, HGB throws snits and tantrums galore, and it all comes to a lovely, satisfying conclusion wherein HGB thinks out loud:  “I don’t want to go to Fiji… I don’t want to be a single girl… I want [Tony Curtis]!”  And then she declares that she knows how to get him, and she stands before him and looks into his eyes and? cries.  She literally* dissolves into a sniveling wreck and he takes her in his arms, soothes her, and tells her he loves her and hey, good news! he just got a new job making a respectable magazine!  La la la, prance into sunset, credits rolls.  Oh, and before all that there is a wacky car chase.  Overall not much but if you like the 60s and get a kick out of seeing your fellow dames depicted as manipulative dummies, as I (perversely) do, you will enjoy it.  I am putting my copy in the mail to Netflix today so it should be available tomorrow.

Also been re-watching Rock of Love, Season One.    That’s how it’s been lately.

I love my neighborhood.  Through ups and downs and humps and bumps, my pretty little hill is home to me.  My studio is back at home.  This is “cozy.”  Cozy in the sense that I give myself another couple months before I am tearing my hair out again…… but for now, it’s nice to have all my inks and paints in one place.


I will be Cartoonist-in-Residence at the Cartoon Art Museum on Saturday, May 29, from 1-3pm!  Totally come out.  I love the CAM and I think you will too.  They have a very well curated collection and their special exhibits are always exciting.  This is one of the few SF museums I regularly recommend to visiting friends.

Comic-Con, San Diego.  Hoo boy.  I will be there.  I’m not ready.  I WILL be ready, but I’m not now, and my eyes are turning into little spirals.  Mon dieu.



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