On New Books, Comic-Con, and Other Exciting Things

I can hardly believe I made the book on the left only three years ago.  That was the collection of my own work I self-published.  How far we’ve come!  I think you will see those flowers at her feet in the new collection, whose cover appears on the right and here by itself below…

THE GIRLS ARE MIGHTY FINE is a collection of comics I’ve done over the last year or so, from one panel thigh-slappers to multipage tearjerkers.  I’ve been hard at work, it’s true, and the clean, sleek look of Bachelor Girl has won out over my scratchy early self portraits.  I am most pleased.
(Ironically, my personal appearance has only gotten scruffier.  I no longer have The Bangs.  I almost got picked up by the pound the other day.)

TGAMF will be available at Comic-Con San Diego, July 21-25 at the San Diego Convention Center.  I’ll be there in Artists’ Alley, at table HH-08.  (By the way, I just scrolled through the list of tables to see who will be my neighbors.  HH-09?  Just Carla Speed McNeill.  Guh..)
(In case you can’t tell, I am a little overwhelmed and excited…… mostly excited.  Less overwhelmed now that I have made my customary pre-travel lists of things to pack, from the four pretty dresses I plan to rock on the floor right down to toothpaste and underwear, I would forget my brain if it weren’t stuck in there so tight.)

I’ll mostly be at the table this time around (with, if I can swing it, a break for Paul Pope’s master class on inking), but I will also be drawing at the Cartoon Art Museum table (#1930) on Saturday, July 24, from 2-3pm.

I only have the hottest booth babe ever.  I cannot reveal her secret identity.  The most I can tell you is that she teaches English at a high school in the Chicago suburbs.  YUM!  She is one of my oldest friends.

So TGAMF will be available for the first time at Comic-Con, and!  I have done a re-boot on a project from last year and I’m tickled about it….  BACHELOR GIRL’S MOTHER GOOSE will be there in its new life as a cute, little 5″ square book.

Re-formatted, re-lettered, oh you’re gonna love it!!

If you like my ladies so much that you want to commit to hanging them on your wall, I’ll have some lovely prints available, including this one:
Which I like a lot.

During the Scott Pilgrim panels, I plan to be at my table weeping because it would be irresponsible of me to leave my post for so long during a time that is sure to be busy, but god damn, am I going to love that movie.
Maybe Michael Cera will come visit me.

At night, I will be kicking around town, taking advantage of the best thing about Comic-Con—the PARTIES!  WHAT!!

Anyway, I really hope you get to go, because Comic-Con is something everyone should experience once, or even twice or three times.  This will be my third time attending, first time showing.  I’m stoked, jittery, and nervous and using my hot water bottle nightly on my aching back.  I am an old lady like that.

See you in beautiful San Diego!  (Haha San Franciscans, I’m gonna see the sun!)


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