Zine Heat

One of the great things about San Francisco is that it is almost never as hot as it was today. 

One of the other great things about San Francisco is Zine Fest!!  SF’s terrific mini-comics, small press and DIY fest gets better every year.  Let’s reminisce, shall we? 

  • September 2006.  I had arrived in the Bay Area just weeks before, with a truckload of dreams and my first ever self-published mini comic.  I went to Zine Fest at CellSpace, and I was SO SHY that I had to be talked into bringing along copies of said comic to show to creators.  This show was where I first met MariNaomi and Shannon O’Leary, who were both really sweet to a timid new girl.  Mari was an inspiration right away; I mean, the gal had a comic called Estrus, how could I not love it?  Meeting two ladies who were so friendly and encouraging, and clearly supportive of feminist comics, was part of what got me to make a collection of my own stories.  And a good thing, because the following year…..
  • July (I think?) 2007.  Having cracked the world of tabling at shows with APE, I got a table at this ZF, which was at the Women’s Building.  I met Melaina at this show, and was just as taken with her funny, friendly, feminist books (and self).  I also made insta-friends with the makers of a feminist zine up in Bellingham, Washington, which sadly no longer exists.  Wonder where those gals are today?
  • Fall (forget the month) 2008.  Boyfriendless for the first time in many years, I took on Zine Fest at the County Fair Building.  Again, lots of fun, and I think this was the year I first tried watercoloring.  (Not that I’ve done much with that, but it was cool!)  Here I will throw in that my perennial favorite table neighbors are the Two Fine Chaps.  I love you guys. 
    I got a call right after this show ended that a friend of a friend had died.  That threw a pall on the thing…  immediately after I hung up, the friend who had overheard the conversation started asking me if I was having a good time at the show.  Um what??
  • August 2009.  This Zine Fest spanned a rather confusing breakup.  I still had fun.  I remember going for burgers at Flipper’s after it ended and getting silly.

It occurs to me that whenever I do a show, I always have some silly crush going on.  Even if I haven’t been into anybody for months, I always end up with a crush while I’m tabling.  Perhaps it is one of those things that compels me forward, and gives me the energy to stand there smiling for days on end.  Crushes are fun.  I’d pay money for one right about now.

Luckily, I don’t have to because SF Zine Fest 2010 is Sept. 4-5 at the County Fair Building!!  Woo hooo!!

No hugs, because it’s too hot out,

PS Check out my creator Q+A!

One thought on “Zine Heat

  1. woah, that's so funny! ian and i were at that first zinefest at cell space you are talking about! and that was the first time i met mari because she was some girl ian knew and shannon is a girl i know and they were there together and ian and i were like – woah weird (since we each knew one of them but the opposite one)! i never realized that you were not only there but that it's where you met mari and that you also know shannon! we were definitely destined to meet and be friends!

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