Cartoon Art Museum, and full steam ahead into fall.

Things I love:

  • Fall
  • Salads
  • White peaches
  • Joni Mitchell
  • Awesome news

And it is a great day in this apartment, because the fall sunlight is making its way in, and I am eating a salad and a white peach, listening to old Joni albums on vinyl, and announcing some awesome news!  This fall, I will be showing at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco, as part of their Small Press Spotlight series.  Previous artists in this series include Trevor Alixopoulos, Jamaica Dyer, MariNaomi, Lark Pien, and many others.  I’m proud to be joining their ranks, and really excited to have my work up at the Cartoon Art Museum.  CAM was one of the first places I visited in San Francisco, and since I moved here, I’ve been  impressed by their thoughtful, well planned exhibits, their consistent inclusion of women artists, and the way they mix big name cartoonists and animators with local artists.

Next up: finishing up Zine Fest preparations, taking the train down to Santa Barbara, driving back, thumbnailing for a new project (which, Lord willing, you will see at APE), eating more peaches (they were on sale, and I went a little crazy), Zine Fest, getting entries ready for the Isotope Mini-Comics Contest, then right on into APE!  Phew!  And somewhere in all of that there, I turn 31.

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