And Where Have You Been?

I’ve been in Georgia!  A few days in Atlanta, a few days in Athens.  You will know a lot more about that trip shortly, because I made a little diary comic while I was there.  Once it’s inked, I’ll post.  It’s the cutes.

So!  My show at the Cartoon Art Museum is up! This is part of their Small Press Spotlight series.  I’m right next to the bathroom, the most important place in any museum.  Name me one person who doesn’t go to the bathroom.  The great levelers, they.  If you don’t want to hang out next to the bathroom all night, but you’d like to say hi to me, come to the APE party at CAM on Saturday, October 16.  I’ll be there, as will many, many other cool cartoonists.  Please come!!  You’ll love it.

What else?  I have one tooth that really hurts.  I have been so tired lately.  I am not making it through this night without hot chocolate.  I’m finishing up my submissions for the Isotope Mini-Comics Award.  Bob Dylan is scratching a lot of my itches these days.  I wish that were literal, but it’s not.

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