Who’s a Sandy Lion?

I needed a little cheering up a couple weeks back, so I bought myself a pack of stickers that had pink poodles and such.  DEPRESSION CURED!!!  No, not really, but I did have some fun with them.  Let this be a warning to all stickers out there: if you end up in my sketchbook, Bachelor Girl will play with you. 

Prepare yourselves for a posting blitz.  The Georgia Diaries will be appearing here starting today….  They’ll be posted as I edit them!

3 thoughts on “Who’s a Sandy Lion?

  1. It is wonderfully strange how well your drawings fit with those stickers. Suddenly, I'm imagining Bachelor Girl on a mug, which is a really weird feeling.

  2. WOW!!! a MUG!! Hell, I'd drink outta that!!(B., did I tell you I got free post-its made of my business cards, and I made them say "WRITE ON MY FACE?")

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