I got a record player this year.  Great decision!  I am an old fart in terms of music and technology.  We had a record player when I was a kid, and I loved ver-r-r-y carefully changing the records, lifting the needle, and placing it just so. 

No more Burl Ives for me; these days, I look for 60s soul and French pop, and Motown.  Unfortunately, so does everybody else.  The soul revival that took off with a vengeance in SF seems to have spread, and the good stuff was just as hard to find and/or expensive in Athens as back home.  But you know what’s readily available?  Gospel.  I buy tons of gospel. 

But then I like religious music.

I found this great old bookstore that reminded me of my neighborhood used bookstore in college.  (Wow, I can’t believe they have a website.)  I used to walk down there from my apartment….. often.  I was a bigger buyer of books then.  Since I started working in libraries, I hardly buy any.

What I do buy: comics, and Golden Books.  I like the old old Little Goldens, but better still are the Giant Goldens.  Some of the best popular art of the 40s and 50s came out in children’s books.  I love Gustaf Tenggren, an artist you probably know better than you think.


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