Buy original art, support 826 Valencia!

So it turns out I have a philanthropic side.

I’m participating in 826 Valencia‘s Spelling Bee for Cheaters, to be held this Thursday, Feb. 17, at the Herbst Theater in San Francisco.  I’m not the designated speller, but I am on a team… and it happens to be the hottest team in the history of the Bee.  And that’s because we are (almost) all librarians!!  And hey, doesn’t that lady in our logo look familiar?!


We DO get to cheat—a lot, thanks to the fact that we’ve raised more than $12,500—but our competition is fierce.  Along with several other civilian teams, we face the following formidable opponents:
Adam Savage
Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket)
Lisa Brown
Michael Chabon
Tracy Chapman
Thao Nguyen
Joy Loya, famous bank robber
The editors of 7×7 Magazine

So, what does this mean for YOU? Because it’s all about YOU, isn’t it?  Right?

Well!  I have made a series of cheating librarian paintings, and you could own one!  How, you ask?  Donate $100 to my fund before noon (Pacific time) on Thursday, and one is yours!  Check out the paintings below. 

As each sells, I’ll update here.  Email me if there’s a specific one you have your eye on and I can hold it while you can your donation in. 

This is your chance to own original art (for a steal, I might add) and support an awesome arts organization at the same time. 

Oh, and wish us luck in the Bee!!  It’ll be broadcast on City Arts and Lectures (on NPR) in April.



Paintings are all gouache:




SOLD     SOLD        SOLD          SOLD           SOLD


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