Make Some Noise, Pop

I don’t go to a lot of shows.  I’m an old lady.  Most nights, I stay home carefully arranging my shoes in a perfectly straight line, so the toes stick out a precise 1/8th of an inch from underneath the bed… no, I kid.  There is nothing orderly about my shoes, and anyway I keep my clothes under my bed because my apartment is tiny and so’s my closet.  But it’s true that I don’t go to a lot of shows.  This is the face I am currently staying home to most nights:

However!  When James Sime of Isotope Comics invited me to contribute a piece to Noise Pop 2011 in Comics, I was like yeah!!  How fun.  My assignment was to interview Social Studies, a San Francisco band that is quickly becoming everybody’s darlings.  They’re big in the local music scene, and they just made a hell of a splash at SXSW.  I? had never heard of them.  (See above: “I don’t go to a lot of shows.”)  But I got to know them… I spent some time listening to their music and watching their videos, and then I had the pleasure of seeing them perform live before I met them in person.  Imagine my delight at being alone in a crowd at dark old Bottom of the Hill, clutching my whiskey, knowing that in less than an hour I was going to sit these cutely dressed people currently tuning up guitars and plugging in amps down and ask them two very personal questions:

1) Please tell me a story from when you were seven.  (If you don’t know for sure that you were seven [when it happened], you may guess.)

2) Now imagine you, the adult you, could be dropped into this story, so that you are present with your seven-year-old self as they experience it.  What would you do?

They did not disappoint.  The responses started out silly, traveled through poignant, and ended with a conversation with a stranger that had me blinking back tears.  Please enjoy my illustrated account of the time I spent with Social Studies.  And then go enjoy their music….

You can see all the Noise Pop 2011 Comics, including pieces by Susie Cagle, Roman Muradov, Greg Hinkle, and Jamaica Dyer, right here.  Be sure to visit my piece on their site while you’re at it.  I’m proud and honored to be a part of this brand new project and hope it continues year after year.







5 thoughts on “Make Some Noise, Pop

  1. simply fanstastical! you're one of the most talented ladies ever! I need to own some of your work to add to my super large collection of art, zines, and comics. you are in fact..the shizy poo.

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