Hi, 2012

Why do I love Santa Cruz? Who knows. All I ever want to do there anyway is go to the Bookshop and maybe eat at the Saturn. I just like it.

My friend Phil sent me this link to a video interview with Maurice Sendak. I love it, too. It made me teary and it made me want to listen to his interview again with Terry Gross.

I’m closing my Etsy store. I don’t want to sell things right now. I still have all the books, so if you want to read any just email me and I’ll send you one. (amymartincomics at gmail.com) I’m also not going to any more comics shows. I just want to make stuff.

I just finished framing a bunch of Charley Harper postcards for my living room.

I love the feel of my little dog curled up next to my legs at night.

I want to go to Europe.

I really might never have children.

I love how paint moves.

I love Amelia Earhart.

I want a life in which books, art and writing for children, nice animals, revolutionary thoughts, and exciting ideas are all wound together.

I want that life this year.


3 thoughts on “Hi, 2012

  1. I agree with Denise. You're amazing, have the power to make it all happen, and you're an incredible writer! Happy New Year, Amy!

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