Hey remember that time

This 30 day drawing challenge is the tops. Here’s one I did with a friend in mind, and she knows who she is. ❤








Heart on sleeve


Some of the best things I’ve made lately were either for my boyfriend or included him. What can I see, I’m a sap and he is nice. Here are two paintings.

The Youth, Part 1

Last summer I got a big box of stuff from my mom that turned out to be full of things I thought I’d never see again, including most of the comics I drew in high school.

I was one of those literary twerps who mostly loved the books we got assigned in English class, but was just bored enough by it all to need to make my own sassy versions of all those books. Not a lot of those survive, unfortunately, but let’s just say that if you have just been assigned to read “Native Son” by Richard Wright, today is your lucky day.

Behold, 16-year-old Amy’s astounding, sensitive rendition of NATIVE SON.