Oh hi, Wayback machine: Libraries, Privacy, and You

I owe a big debt of gratitude to Jenna Freedman at the Barnard Zine Library. She received some of my old comics as part of a donation and, in cataloging them, emailed me to ask what year one was made. Turns out she had a copy of “Libraries, Privacy, and You,” which I made in 2010 and not only neglected to keep a print copy, but can’t figure out where (or if) I saved the digital files. It was basically gone to me. Jenna kindly agreed to scan the book and send it to me. I’m so grateful to get back this little piece of my own art history.

The “Dylan” I signed this copy to was Dylan Williams, who ran the wonderful Sparkplug Comics until he passed away in 2011. Barnard received a donation of comics and zines that belonged to Dylan from his wife, and this book was among them. I didn’t know Dylan–only spoke to him a handful of times–but I know there are folks out there who did who may appreciate this little postscript.

Okay. This is a funny comic. So try to get in a laughing mood now. Okay? Laugh!


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