Trap queen

I realize there is no trap in this. Fine. In real life, I bought a humane trap, and we’ll see if lil’ guy avoids the glue one until Monday.

[image: b/w comic with no panel borders. panel one: large black letters reading “TRAP QUEEN,” surrounded by tiny black hearts. to the right, a mouse sits next to a shoe in shadows, eating crumbs, thinking “this one eats at her desk.” panel two: woman on rolling chair pushing away from a table in an office. under the table, a mouse is running away. woman is yelling “EEK! There’s a mouse in the office!” to the right stands artist, hands on hips, looking brave. dialogue: “you’d better let ME take care of this.” panel three: artist squats next to rolling chair behind desk. she is gently laying a tiny quilt on a tiny bed, a loving look in her eyes. a small plate of food sits nearby.

Everything’s coming up Mam

image description below
image description below

[image: black and white comic, no panel borders.
panel one: large black letters across top, saying “Everything’s coming up Mam! this week!”
panel two: artist and boyfriend are sitting on the floor with a small child, playing with blocks. behind them are two more children. dialogue: artist: “Que alto tu torre!” child: “si, es para los Ninja Turtles!” caption: Dakin and I help at a preschool where all the kids speak Mam first,  some Spanish and English second (and third I guess).
panel two: artist is bending over in front of two little girls seated at a table. all are holding up two fingers. artist is looking hopeful and saying “Cuantos quieres? …Jun? Kabak?” a caption with arrows pointing to both girls says “silence from both.” caption: “I’m trying to get them to teach me some words in Mam, and it’s NOT going well!” caption 2: “they will neither confirm nor deny that I am actually saving words.”
panel 3: artist sitting on floor with two kids, who are laughing and pointing to an owl in her hand. she is smiling and saying “Carlitos, como se dice “buho” en Mam?” caption: “…nor will they acknowledge that Mam is, in fact, a language.”
panel 4: little boy looks confused, artist looks like she’s trying to be helpful. dialogue: boy: “Mam??” artist: “oh, um, what do you call this animal in your home?”
panel 5: closeup on artist and boy’s faces. little boy is frowning, looking irritated. artist has a plus sign eye and looks bested. dialogue: boy: “we don’t have one of those in my home.” artist: “touche.”
panel 6: scene change. artist looking delighted. caption: “in better news, I got an email from a linguistics professor who found my Mam tumblr from 2015, and emailed me looking for a referral to a Mam speaker to work as a consultant!
panel 7: artist, in different clothes, looking at phone, looking pleased. thinking “yay.” dialogue: phone reads “we have an interview.” caption: “and I got him connected to my coworker who’s a native speaker.”
panel 8: in a cloud, artist does “shh” with her lips and one finger. caption: (there’s another maybe good thing but it’s a secret! shh!”)