Trap queen

I realize there is no trap in this. Fine. In real life, I bought a humane trap, and we’ll see if lil’ guy avoids the glue one until Monday.

[image: b/w comic with no panel borders. panel one: large black letters reading “TRAP QUEEN,” surrounded by tiny black hearts. to the right, a mouse sits next to a shoe in shadows, eating crumbs, thinking “this one eats at her desk.” panel two: woman on rolling chair pushing away from a table in an office. under the table, a mouse is running away. woman is yelling “EEK! There’s a mouse in the office!” to the right stands artist, hands on hips, looking brave. dialogue: “you’d better let ME take care of this.” panel three: artist squats next to rolling chair behind desk. she is gently laying a tiny quilt on a tiny bed, a loving look in her eyes. a small plate of food sits nearby.

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