Everything’s coming up Mam

[image: black and white comic, no panel borders.panel one: large black letters across top, saying “Everything’s coming up Mam! this week!”panel two: artist and boyfriend are sitting on the floor with a small child, playing with blocks. behind them are two more children. dialogue: artist: “Que alto tu torre!” child: “si, es para los NinjaContinue reading “Everything’s coming up Mam”

Ted Bundy Wouldn’t Have Worked On Me!

I’m a total murderino. However, the Ted Bundy episode led me to a startling conclusion…… [image: hastily drawn black and white comic with no panel borders.panel 1: large black block letters surrounded by tiny crowbars and handcuffs. “Ted Bundy wouldn’t have worked on me!”panel 2: artist hunched in front of computer, working. headphones are in andContinue reading “Ted Bundy Wouldn’t Have Worked On Me!”

Trump Triggers

I wrote this comic because I’ve been struggling with PTSD triggers around everything Trump-related for the last week or so. I know there are others feeling the same thing–lots of us. If you’re having anxiety symptoms around this election, or finding yourself triggered by images and words that remind you of sexual assault, don’t forgetContinue reading “Trump Triggers”

ALSC elections- vote Amy Martin for Caldecott 2018!!

In my other life I’m a children’s librarian, and right now I have a shot at being on the 2018 Caldecott committee. If you are an ALSC member, please vote for me! Voting closes April 22. I put together a little 4-pager to tell you why I’d be great. (Will these two ever get along??)Continue reading “ALSC elections- vote Amy Martin for Caldecott 2018!!”