Illustration Tourist part 4: Mexico

In December, I went to Mexico for the Guadalajara International Book Fair, the Feria Internacional por los Libros, or FIL. It was my first visit to Mexico and I did it largely solo–more solo than I planned, because my phone didn’t work–except for occasional accompaniment by my randomly assigned hotel roommate, Gladis, who turned outContinue reading “Illustration Tourist part 4: Mexico”

Oh hi, Wayback machine: Libraries, Privacy, and You

I owe a big debt of gratitude to Jenna Freedman at the Barnard Zine Library. She received some of my old comics as part of a donation and, in cataloging them, emailed me to ask what year one was made. Turns out she had a copy of “Libraries, Privacy, and You,” which I made inContinue reading “Oh hi, Wayback machine: Libraries, Privacy, and You”

Illustration Tourist part 3: things I drew

This isn’t a comprehensive tour diary–I was moving too fast for that. I have a list of cartoons still to draw.  This statue is in the Musée d’Orsay. Oh, by the way, before we went into this museum there was a flood of people rollerblading past the front of it for like, at least 15Continue reading “Illustration Tourist part 3: things I drew”

Illustration Tourist part 2: the books I didn’t buy

So, the obvious: I was crossing France and Germany with one boyfriend and one suitcase between us. I couldn’t buy EVERYTHING. My final total of twelve picture books (and four other books, plus the two I brought from home) was already more than I could manage comfortably. I did document some of the left-behinds thatContinue reading “Illustration Tourist part 2: the books I didn’t buy”

Trying something new here

Because I’m also really interested in illustrated children’s books, illustration in general, and children’s librarian stuff: -I just discovered Clementine Bouvais’ blog, thanks to Betsy Bird, and I am grateful. Dr. Bouvais is a French lady living in England writing academic critiques of children’s literature. And she has recently started an academic study of “culturalContinue reading “Trying something new here”