The Wonder of it all

WonderCon, what a surprise!  I started the weekend figuring I wouldn’t sell a ton, but it’d be fun; veered into feeling bummed and disconnected; then picked up, had some friend time, a good sandwich, and ended up having my best-selling show yet.  I SOLD OUT, but am re-printing, both The Bachelor and The Nanny and The Single Girls. Big big thanks to everyone who stopped by, bought books, chatted, watched my table so I could pee, all that!

I spent some time digging through the old boxes this weekend.  I can’t believe how fun it was!  I found all these old girly comics.  Wolfy likes them too:


I did something new this weekend.  I have never felt entirely comfortable with people taking my picture at my table.  But then, I’d feel stingy for saying no—people like their pictures!  This time, I compromised: if someone asked me, “can I take your picture?”, I’d say, “sure, if I can take yours!”  Some grinned, some blanched, none refused.  So, without further ado, I give you:
















One thought on “The Wonder of it all

  1. Hi Amy,Great show. Congrats. Glad you are printing more books_I want to purchase at least 3 more Single Girls. Love the art_reminds me of 40’s advertising and fashion art with a YTK twist and modern sensibility. and thanks for sharing the girlie comics pic! So there!Floating Clouds (a certain Oakland Teen Librarian)

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