It’s Zine Fest time!!

Hey!  San Francisco Zine Fest kicks off tonight with a reading at the Cartoon Art Museum.  It’s going to be a whole lot of fun, and you should totally go.  I will probably not go, but that is only because I am in Santa Barbara at the moment and will be traveling back tonight and will probably not arrive in time.  If my luck changes, I’ll swing by.

Zine Fest is Saturday and Sunday from 11-6, in the County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park, and it’s FREE!!  So you have no excuse not to come.  And afterward you can stroll around Golden Gate Park and lookitallda pretty flowers.   

Now just for fun, take a look at a photo from last year by William Senkus.  If you come up to my table this weekend and correctly identify what that is sticking out of my pocket, I’ll give you a treat. 


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