2 thoughts on “For Anne Dienethal-Field, 1975-2014

  1. I revisit this at least once a week. It reminds me of many of the things that I loved about her. Thank you for this.

  2. Amy, you are amazing. You have really captured so many sides of our girl Annie. I can not thank you enough for expressing yourself in this tangible way and for reading this aloud at her memorial service. I didn't realize I'd even be able to see a comic accompanying the thoughtful words you'd said, though many of them still hung in my memory verbatim. I am actually sitting in New Wave Coffee right now, so I chuckled when I got to that part. I watched Jim's cats over the weekend and went through four boxes of Annie's clothes, taking as many as I could haul home in my bicycle baskets last night in the rain. I am wearing the most colorful ones now: a Rolling Stones t-shirt topped by a colorful plaid flannel. I miss her so much. I'm glad I have a massive pile of her clothes, which still smell like her, to try on later, waiting for me on my bedroom floor. I'm glad I'm lucky enough to visit her kitties whenever Jim's out of town, and remember our memories in the place that they happened. But it also makes me even more sad when I'm there. Really Real Reality-style. Anyway, I wanted to say thank you again. For the comic so that a version of her can live on forever, and for your sharing at her service, so that the floodgates of tears we were all holding back could finally burst forth as they should. I am sharing your comic on Facebook and tagging my friend, a comic artist herself, Rachel Foss. She'll appreciate it because it's wonderful and because she had also met Anne. Be well, Stephanie

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